13 November 2010

Two Instructional Jesus Dolls

1. Jesus Doll For Teaching Children

Inventor: Daniel Trevino, Erie, Pennsylvania
Date: December 28, 1999
U.S. Patent Number: 6,007,404

Description: "A soft-bodied doll bearing a resemblance to a caricature of Jesus. The doll includes a voice simulator which preferably has recorded thereon phrases from Jesus' actual ministry as recorded in God's word, the Bible."

2. Dolls Formed in the Likeness of the Lord Jesus with a Movable Head and Extremities

Inventor: Linda M. S. Dumond, Honolulu, Hawaii
Date: October 10, 1995
U.S. Patent Number: 5,456,625

Description: "A doll formed in the likeness of the Lord Jesus with a movable head and extremities comprised of a torso section including a loin cloth molded into its lower portion and a pair of movable leg sections. … The doll is provided with electrically conductive nails which when inserted through apertures in the hands of the doll, mount the doll to a provided cross and close an electrical circuit which illuminates the cross."

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