18 September 2010

Aerial Bicycle

Inventor: Hiram B. Nickerson, Stoughton, Massachusetts
Date: July 14, 1896
U.S. Patent Number: 563,793

Description: Improved aerial bicycle which is propelled on an elevated track.

Animal Attachment Providing Artificial Horns

Inventor: Richard E. Ayres, Woodlake, California
Date: August 4, 1959
U.S. Patent Number: 2,897,780

Description: Because it is sometimes difficult for rodeo producers to acquire steers with horns, this device provides an artificial attachment which can be mounted on an animal for the purpose of simulating horns. Other purposes include: to faciliatate manual control of an animal's head; to minimize the cost of rodeo stock; to make cattle wrestling or throwing more humane.

Cymbal Campaign Torch

Inventor: George A. Beidler, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Date: July 18, 1899
U.S. Patent Number: 629,312

Description: Provides a novel arrangement combining a torch-cymbal and a support, adapted to be secured to the end of a rod or staff, which is preferably made in the representation of a human head.