23 May 2011

KDV Takes Over Blog

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16 January 2011

Garment Hanger

Inventor: O. E. Denivelle
Date: March 7, 1922
U. S. Patent Number: 60,514

Ear Clip For Flattening of Protruding Ears

Inventor: John Dubrowski, Oakville, Onatario, Canada
Date: February 12, 1980
U. S. Patent Number: 4,187,838

Description: "Many people are faced with the problem of having noticeably protruding ears which detract from the person's appearance. In some cases, only one ear may protrude and in other cases, both ears may protrude. At the present time, the only reliable method of flattening the ear to the head is to perform surgery… The present invention provides an individual ear clip which fits on the ear auricle and which is secured to the hair of the user for the flattening of a protruding ear auricle."

Combination Toy Dog and Vacuum Cleaner

Inventor: Anne Margaret Zaleski, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Date: November 13, 1973
U. S. Patent Number: 3,771,192

Description: "A toy dog closely resembling a real dog and having a hollow interior in which is mounted a vacuum cleaner having a suction hose which is retractable from the tail end of the dog. This enables vacuuming a dog after a hair cut and grooming without causing fear to the dog, inasmuch as the vacuum cleaner noise is greatly muffed by such enclosure. The vacuum cleaner is convertible to a blower and air issuing from the tail end can be heated so as to serve as a dryer."